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"To get to the rainbow, you must go through the rain...and when you get to the rainbow, the world around you is still moist reminding you of the rain you went through earlier to get to the rainbow." - Teri's Memory Book

Dear friends and family,

It's been over a month since my last post, with August 2 marking four months since Teri passed away. I am hanging in there. It hasn't been easy. One thing for sure is that I still think of Teri all the time and miss her very much. The emotional waves still come and go when I am least expecting them. Among the months that have come and gone, July presented itself as the most challenging. While I cannot pinpoint the exact reason, it might be due to having fewer interactions with people and feeling misunderstood by some, leaving me to establish new routines in caring for my well-being.

I will share more stories later, perhaps later this weekend. I have quite a backlog. For now, I want to share with you a step forward in my journey of healing and remembrance: transitioning from Teri's CaringBridge site to my own blog:

This transition holds great importance to me as it allows me to honor Teri's memory while also embarking on a new path of personal growth of navigating the complexities of grief and healing. This new platform also provides a lot more features to better share my story, such as the ability to post pictures and videos within the blog post and keep the content more organized using tags and categories.

Teri was a remarkable woman who left a lasting impact using her skills in web development for both her personal and professional life. For eight years, she dedicated her skills as a front-end web developer at, contributing to the company's online presence. Throughout her illnesses in 2017 and 2023, she found comfort using this site to share updates, offer encouragement, and connect with loved ones.

I have to admit that this project was quite a distraction and took a lot longer than I expected. It reminds me of the time Teri spent on our custom wedding website in 2019. I could not believe the effort she put into it and thought it was totally unnecessary because only a handful of

people that received our paper wedding invitation would visit the website. Like always, I now understand where she was coming from. I really wish she was here to help me with the blog.

All posts from the Caring Bridge platform have been migrated to the new blog. I will "memorialize" this site on Caring Bridge, making this my last post. If you would like to still follow along, feel free to use the subscribe feature so you can receive an email update every time I post something new.

Thank you!


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Gretchen Lai
Gretchen Lai
Aug 12, 2023

So glad you’re continuing to write! Love the new site and the significance of the name!


Tiffany Wong
Tiffany Wong
Aug 11, 2023

I really appreciated the details Teri put into the things she did. The more I get to know her through your posts, the more I see how she poured a lot of love and effort into things she did and the people she loved. Thank you for the blessing of letting us know her through your eyes. :). The blog looks great!

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