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We've noticed many of you have exausted all surfaces to adorn with your beloved "Mayo Stickers" but want more. 


Introducing our latest creation: A "Mayo" themed Amigurumi. For those unfamiliar, "Amigurumi" is a delightful Japanese craft involving the creation of crocheted or knitted stuffed animals. Imagine the charm of these handcrafted, yarn-based creatures, now available in a Mayo-inspired design.


While we acknowledge these unique pieces come at a premium, we assure you they're an investment in both craftsmanship and joy. Owning one of these adorable Amigurumis means having a personal piece of Mayo magic at home, eliminating the need for visits to Erwin’s house to experience the wonder.


Please note, availability is currently limited as we work diligently to increase production. Given the high demand and exclusive nature of these Amigurumi, we anticipate they will be quickly claimed by enthusiasts.

Amigurmi of "Mayo"

$79.00 Regular Price
$69.00Sale Price
Out of Stock
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