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Memorial Service Tomorrow Georgia / Late April Update

Greetings from Atlanta, Georgia. Hope everyone is doing well. It has been really busy for me since Teri's celebration of life service a few weeks ago, still taking things one day at a time. I wanted to give a few updates here, first regarding what is taking place tomorrow (at the request of her parents):

Mass/Memorial Service for Teri in Georgia (See Photos)

  • Saturday, April 22, 2023 @ 7:30AM

  • Location: Holy Vietnamese Martyrs Catholic Church

  • Mass will be in Vietnamese

  • Interment of Ashes to follow at White Chapel Memorial Gardens

I am feeling extremely grateful for Teri's mother and sister, who have taken the lead in coordinating everything. I am also relieved that Teri can be laid to rest in Atlanta, which will make it easier for her immediate family to visit her often. Atlanta was always where her heart was, as she only spent 3.5 years officially living in California. We also gave a lot of thought and consideration to relocating there.

My Late April Update Now that the busyness of family being in town and planning the celebration of life a few weeks ago has died down and I am back to living a "normal life," things have been quite challenging emotionally. I've learned a lot more about her as I've organized a lot of her files and photos and spent time with some of you. Some days I feel that life is good and I don't think too much about Teri not being here, and some days I really feel it. I am very grateful to have our dog Mayo, and that he has been coping okay during this transition. Being back in Atlanta has been tough, as this is where it all began (see Youtube video of my first trip).

As for the rest of my travel plans, I will be on the East Coast until the end of the month. Teri also had many belongings at her brother John's place that we are organizing over the next several days. I am gradually easing back into work (intermittent bereavement leave), and I am grateful to work for a company that has been very flexible and understanding during this time.

From a support standpoint I have all the help I could ask for, and I want to thank those who have continued to reach out and provide meals, walk Mayo, visit, and so on. To those whom I have not been able to respond to, I appreciate your patience with me, as I am still a little overwhelmed. I have everything I need and will get back to you all in the near future.

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