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Teri's Celebration of Life - Livestream Service

Terwin’s Celebration of Life service details:

  1. Private viewing on Wednesday for family only

  2. Her Celebration of Life Service is on Thursday, 4/6/23 and is by personal invitation only, since there is limited seating and they would like to prioritize family and close friends that knew both Terwin

  3. Please join the live-streaming service: Begins at 8:45am

    1. Join Zoom Meeting:

    2. Meeting ID: 837 4446 7222

If you are interested to see tangible ways to serve the family:

  1. Meal Train Food Support for Erwin and Teri’s family who will be staying with him while in town: HERE

  2. Other tasks have been delegated to close family, friends, and church community

  3. If you feel inclined to give flowers or help with the costs of the service, please consider a gift to their Venmo account. All additional proceeds will be donated to Bible Project, a ministry that has deeply impacted Teri: Venmo: @Terwincelebrationoflife

  4. If you would like to contribute well wishes for the family and tributes of Teri’s life, you can add your contributions on this page: Well Wishes

Ways to be praying for Terwin:

  1. For God’s presence of peace, comfort, and joy to be upon the family as their grieve their beloved loss

  2. For love to unite friends and families as they prepare for Teri’s celebration of life

  3. For faith and courage to walk the next stages of grief, sorrow, and loss

  4. For God’s abundance grace to provide for their every need along the way

  5. For opportunities to share the gospel with unbelieving family members and friends

At this time, Erwin is unable to respond to personal messages, although he is very grateful for the immense support offered during this time. If you would like to show support, it would be greatly appreciated to support through the consolidated efforts as described in this email.

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