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Happy 42nd Birthday Teri!

I really miss you and wish we could celebrate together. On my day off, I really enjoyed watching your celebration of life service & reading your memory book you made during your senior year in high school with some of our friends and family. I wish you and I had more time on earth to talk about it, its so full of good content. This is such high quality work! I'm humbled that you didn't even tell me about this book in the first place. I love your quote in Chapter 13 "The Freshman" and how it reminded me of our "We Can Do Hard Things" Pillow in the living room: "I realized that everyone goes through hard times. And going through this makes them become a better person. To grow as a person you have to go through difficult times to understand every aspect you can possibly attain out of life." I'm hanging in there, still taking things one day at a time. Thankful for the reminder that the difficult times I'm facing will make me a better person. Read the whole book here (~1 hour): Also just completed! For those that missed it or had trouble watching online last week:

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