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Made it to one year :)

After a long day of mostly rest and meaningful fellowship, I am about to go bed but still want to take a few minutes to share about how today went. If I don't do it now I'll probably forget.

In summary, today was one of the happiest days I've had in a while. Seriously. Perhaps my favorite day of 2024? I am so thankful to God for so many of you that love me in ways I don't deserve. We did everything I could have wanted to do, plus more. But not too much to make me feel exhausted. Here's how my day went:

  • Uninstalled MS Teams from my phone

  • Easy bike ride with Larry

  • Morning hangout with Lori and Phoebe

  • Costco and boba run with Phoebe

  • A few special deliveries - flowers, "The Hat" sandwiches (2x!), edible arrangements

  • A little bit of alone time (walked Mayo by myself for 20 minutes)

  • Dinner with friends and family with the slideshow of Teri playing in the background

  • Watched the celebration of life service with my small group (with the rest of the group hanging out at the dinner table)

I can write a lot about each event but then I'll be up all night.

Throughout the day I received a few phone calls and lots of text messages of people thinking and praying for me, and sharing how they miss Teri. I was so encouraged. Thank you everyone.

What made it such a good day was having a good balance of conversations about Teri and about everyday life. Nothing really felt awkward or uncomfortable. There was still lots of emotions and crying, but to me, it was mostly tears of joy. People really miss Teri so much, which makes me feel that I really am not alone on this journey.

It was very stress free throughout the day. I can't even remember the last time I felt this way, some even the weekends are usually busy or have some element of stress. I also didn't have to do anything in the kitchen but got all the credit for making everything. Thanks everyone. What did we eat?

  • My mom's Alfredo pasta (everyone's favorite)

  • My special salad (3 salads in my fridge I mixed together...)

  • Charcuterie board (proof in the photo I made it, lol)

  • Other random food people brought

  • Ribeye steak (the meal Terwin cooked the most at our house)

  • The Hat - Pastrami Dip and Fries

  • Chantilly cake (Terwin's favorite cake)

  • Panda pudding cake (cute but doesn't taste sweet)

I also was sharing this morning with Lori and Phoebe that it's most difficult after the event is over and I'm all alone with Mayo. As of now, I don't really feel this way. Maybe I will feel this way tomorrow after a long day of work?

I feel so humbled by today because I rarely remember any other peoples death anniversaries. The only time I remember them is when one of my family members brings it up in our family chat for the few relatives that are no longer with us.

So many people remembered today. And went above and beyond. I got a ton of flowers and everyone knows I love flowers. Some of you even watched the celebration of life service and told me about it. I can go on and on. Thank you again.

That's all for now. Now I am really getting sleepy. Have a good rest of the week! We can still hangout if anyone is interested, just message me.



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What a beautiful day Erwin!!! So glad everything flowed. Sending love from Canada.


I’m so glad you had a special day Tuesday and felt loved. We sure enjoyed hanging out with you and sweet Mayo. Thank you for allowing us to grieve and laugh with you, it means so much. You are a gift to us , Erwin. I hope you have a great weekend, don’t feel too stressed, and are able to keep hopeful in this next journey ahead


God is so good. What a wonderful way to honor and remember Teri on her deathversary! More blessing to you and Mayo and your loved ones!


Erwin, I see the fruit of community you still have - from the life you and Teri built together. It’s not by coincidence that you're surrounded by good friends… love the Keller quote. Also, I must try this Chantilly cake or know where to get it. Sending love brother.


Sending you so much love, Erwin. So glad you had a good day surrounded by so much love and good food! My heart is with you today and always ❤️

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