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Chemo Round 1 - Recovery

Hello friends and family! It has been a week since my first round of chemo and today is the first day I'm starting to feel normal again! Last Monday, I had my infusion which went well with no complications. The medical team overlooking my chemo treatment took really good care of me! This included the pharmacist, nurse, nurse practitioner, medical assistant, and volunteers. They kept me informed about the drugs I was receiving and why I needed them. In addition to my chemo drugs (Carboplatin and Taxol), I received pre-meds to help my body with the side effects. This included steroids, antihistamines, and anti-nausea/vomiting meds. Erwin and I arrived at Northside Hospital's Infusion Center at 9:30 am and did not leave until 5:30 pm! It was a long day but most of it was spent sleeping since the pre-meds made me sleepy. I went home pretty exhausted that day. The days following chemo were not pleasant even though I do feel like I handled it much better than I expected. I had a mild level of nausea and fatigue that was hard to shake off. The 3rd day after chemo was the worst -- it was incredibly hard to get out of bed because my body just felt really weak and my muscles and joints felt achy. Up until today, I had no appetite but had to force myself to eat. Drinking and eating only increased the nausea. There would be moments throughout the day where the fatigue and nausea subsided so it wasn't a constant but then it would come back again randomly. But overall, I felt that my body was able to recover fairly well from the chemo. I didn't experience extreme nausea/vomiting or some of the more scarier side effects that people can get from my chemo drugs. Some of the worse side effects (in my opinion) can be numbing/lost of sensation in your fingers/toes, metallic taste in mouth, mouth sores, infection, bruising, lost of hearing, and difficulty breathing. So yeah, I'm thankful that so far my symptoms are not worst! I think for now that I am in the clear, for the most part, until my next round of chemo, which will be the week of the 27th. I want to thank my fiance, Erwin, for being here with me in Atlanta and helping to keep my spirits up during my more challenging days. I hope everyone has a happy Thanksgiving holiday and as always, thank you all for your love and support!


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