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The Engagement!

So, in the mist of all this craziness that's going on with my health, I actually got engaged!

On September 23rd, Erwin surprised me with a proposal at an escape room event (yes, we escaped!) in Atlanta with the help of some of my closest friends. And, I said yes!!

Despite my health issues and the uncertainty of my future, this man still wants to love me and show his commitment to me. I thank God that He has brought this incredible person into my life. Erwin has helped me to feel solid and loved during what can sometimes be a very scary and lonely place. Thank you Erwin for being awesome!

I know everyone is dying to know how this all happened! So, I'll tell you. :)

We met in March 2017 (that's right, only 7 months ago -- wow!) on eHarmony (yes, it can work!). He is from Orange County, California. I am in Atlanta. We have been doing the bi-coastal distance thing which can be tough and it was pretty rough at the beginning. But, with a lot of constant communication and help of Facebook messenger and video chat, we made it work.

It's funny to think that we've only known each other for 7 months. It feels like I've known him all my life. We've gone on a lot of fun adventures together: hiking and camping at national parks, including our favorite Yosemite, beach camping, biking, traveling to Munich and running errands at Costco. But, more importantly, we've overcome a lot of challenges together including the one we face now with my health. I can't imagine anyone else I'd want to do life with other than Erwin.

Thank you family and friends for all your support as we journey into this next step in our relationship.

With love -- Teri

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