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VBS Mid-Week Check-In | Teri's favorite week of the year

“My heart doesn't see the world in $$$, it sees it in children who are hurting who becomes adults who hurt one another” Teri Edillon, Oct 2021

Dear Teri,

I can't believe it's been almost three months since you left us. So much has happened since that last day we spent together at the hospital. While I am doing well, I miss you every day, especially now as I am at Vacation Bible School (VBS) without you. You loved serving at VBS, especially in 2022 when you were on the worship team and served as a group leader. We also served at VBS in 2021, and those memories are special to me. I feel my usual roller coaster of emotions I always end up writing about. There's excitement for being here at VBS, and I'm thankful for how much I've grown through all this grieving, but still feeling lonely without you.

I remember how we served together, each in our own roles that we were so proud to be in. I worked behind the scenes on the AV team, making sure everything ran smoothly, while you had a blast dancing on stage and guided a group of children. I loved seeing you in the spotlight since that's usually not the case while we were married. Most of the time, you were the one in the behind the scenes role, like when you would support me at my triathlons or hear me do presentations for our friends and family. Your passion and dedication during VBS were amazing, and everyone could see how much you cared.

There's no doubt that VBS week was literally your favorite week of the year. As I watch everyone this year from the AV booth, I can't help but think of you on that stage and how nice it would be to see you dance with Phoebe and the rest of the team. Hearing the "Treasure" song on Monday was most moving since that was the theme song from last year, and you made it a point to teach me some of the moves. It was magical, and everyone was inspired by your big smile and joyful attitude. Your absence is felt by all of us who loved and admired you.

One thing that brings me comfort is the impact you had on my heart regarding children. I never in a million years thought I would one day enjoy talking to my friends and family about childhood development. I've learned so much about your heart for children from all our conversations, and even more as I've read through your journals, wanting to know even more. You once wrote something powerful in your journal in October 2021, and I think about it often. You wrote, "My heart doesn't see the world in $$$, it sees it in children who are hurting and grow up to hurt others." Your words are profound, and they remind me of the importance of caring for children and showing them love.

Thank you for sharing your genuine heart for children during your brief time here. You would have made an amazing mom. It really has inspired me to also have a genuine heart for the kids around me. I feel some of that love inside me now as I interact with the kids during VBS. It's like you passed some of your passion to me. I want to make a difference in their lives, just like you did.

As I finish these last two days at VBS, I want you to know that your legacy lives on. So many people at VBS shared with me that they have thought about you this week, which really touches me that you aren't even close to being forgotten. Your love for children continues to shine through me and everyone you touched. Even though I miss you so much, I'm grateful for the time we had together and the memories we made while serving together at VBS.

I really wish you were still here, as you would probably be practicing the dance moves while I would be trying to go to sleep, which I'd rather see you doing than write you this letter. Your strength and faith inspire me to keep going and make the most of VBS, even without you here.



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