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1 month follow up post chemo

Hello friends and family!

I just wanted to update everyone on how I'm doing 1 month after my last chemo treatment. All is well! I can feel my body getting back to normal again. The hairs on my head and eyebrows are starting to grow! I know because I check it every single day. Watching hair grow is not super exciting. But, I do look forward to checking it every morning and updating Erwin on its progress.

In other exciting news, I have decided to train for my first triathlon! I guess being with a triathlete has rubbed off on me. I joined the YMCA in Atlanta with my friends Kira and Laura and I'll be training with them along with a group of women at the Y for the Georgia Peach Women's Triathlon on August 5th. This is a sprint tri consisting of a 400 yrd swim, 13 mile bike, and 5k run. Phew! Group training will start mid April, but I have already started swimming and biking on my own. So far so good!

On March 22nd, I had my 1 month follow up with my oncologist Dr. Tenney. Only 2 things came back on my CT scan that are notable but nothing major:

First, there is build up of fluid in my pelvis due to my lymph nodes being removed during my hysterectomy back in October. Dr. Tenney says that this is not abnormal and that my body should take care of it on its own. However, we will monitor it to make sure it doesn't become an issue.

Secondly, I have a cyst on my back that appeared on the CT scan. The cyst isn't new. I've had it for a few years and it's gotten infected twice. So, Dr. Tenney thinks it's a good idea for me to just have it removed, though she doesn't think it's cancer related. What's funny is that it didn't show up on my CT scan last July so she was a little concerned about the growth until we figured out what it was. I spoke with a general surgeon on Friday and have an outpatient procedure scheduled for the 9th.

So, I am cancer free! (as far as we know for the time being). I'll have follow ups with my oncologist for the next 2 years every 3 months to monitor my health. And, then there are things I'll have to be aware of with my body that may indicate a recurrence such as swelling or pain. So, it's not completely over. But, I feel like the hardest part is behind me now and I can start focusing on other things. Things I have been putting off... like wedding planning! More details later (as soon as we start planning. Haha.)

Thank you all for your prayers and love. I hope everyone had a happy Easter!

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