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Chemo Round 6

Chemo round 6 with dad at Northside Hospital.

YES! Finally. I'm DONE!

Done Done Done Done Done.

Done Done.



I finished my last round of chemo today. :o) I'm so happy.

Now I just need to get through the next couple of weeks of sickness. Then, looking forward to fully recovering from chemo. No more getting by until my next chemo round because I am...DONE!! :D

I have a CT scan and my chemo follow up with my oncologist at the end of March. Prayers please that all looks good so I can officially be declared cancer-free! Until then, I'm just happy all my treatments are DONE, chemo and radiation.

Today's infusion went fairly well with no complications. It took four tries and 2 different nurses to find a good vein to start an IV on. I pretended that it did not hurt because I did not want my nurses to judge me for not getting a port. Haha. I will follow up with a post to update on how recovery goes.

Ok, that's it. I just wanted to drop a quick note. Thanks to my dad for being there with me today. Thanks everyone for all your support!



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