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Home from Hospital!

Greetings from home,

At around midnight last night, I was not sure if we would be home the next day (today) since she had a hard time moving and didn’t even urinate or pass gas. When I woke up a few hours later, she did all those tasks! By 9AM, the PA on duty cleared her to go home. So thankful that the recovery so far is going well. She’s resting in her bed now, sound asleep.

The PA said that at this time, no hormone medication will be prescribed. She hasn’t had any menopausal symptoms yet, but it’s only been 24 hours since surgery. We will wait till after the biopsy in case the hormone medication may add more risk to the cancer spreading.

Thank you everyone for the txts, emails, and visits to check in with her since yesterday. We are also very thankful for so many that signed up already to deliver food. All your love, support and prayers during this time makes a big difference to us.



PS: if you want to visit, please reach out to me, not Teri at 714 422-6737 or via Facebook messenger.

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