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Q & A Time

Good morning everyone, Teri and I have had a great time getting to know our friends and family better since we have been engaged. Since we haven't seen everyone in person to catch up, here's some common Q&A that have come up over the last few weeks. While we wish we can spend time with everyone individually, we understand that not everyone reading this blog is close by. Q: How is Teri feeling this morning? A: Recovery is going in the right direction. She's taking her pain meds every 6-7 hours instead of 4-5 hours. She noticed that when she laughs a lot, it hurts a bit more the next day. We were laughing a lot last night looking at photos from past trips, but surprisingly she felt fine today. Overall, walking and getting in/out of bed is a challenge but overall, we are thankful to see how much progress has happened in only a week. Q: What is next with finding out more about her health? A: Her post op appointment is on Oct 23, where we will find out the biopsy results. This will tell us the cancer grade and staging, along with how much chemo/radiation is needed. That's been on my mind the most out of anything. I'm reminded though that God is in control of the situation, and to "Not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God" (Phil 2:4). Q: Congrats on your engagement! When and where is the wedding!? A: Ideally it would be on Saturday, May 5 2018. That may be a bit soon, so we'll see. As soon as there's a date, we will let you know! If I had to bet on a location, I would pick SoCal, but that's still up in the air. Q: Where will you live? A: Texas! We can't agree so we decided to find something in the middle. Just kidding. It's really a tough call at this time. I really like Atlanta and have grown to like her friends very much and now call them my own. I'm quite attached to my family in SoCal, so leaving for me would be difficult. We'll take our time with figuring out what's best for us and as soon as there's more clarity, we will share about it. Priority #1 is to take care of her health, and if it means that staying in Atlanta is best for now, then I'm all in. Go Falcons! Q: What does Erwin do for a living? A: I am an IT manager at Zodiac Inflight Innovations ( It's fun job for me, especially since I've developed some really great friendships over the last 11 years. Q: What does Teri do for a living? A: Teri helps manage content on her company website, Yes she misses her work very much and looks forward to going back as soon as she's able to. Q: You are leaving soon, are there any ways we can help besides sign up to bring food? A: In addition to continued prayers for her prognosis, the drop in visits have been really helpful, it makes time go by much faster. Assistance on the little things like changing bed sheets, etc.. all add up to helping her recover as quickly as possible. She's very self-sufficient and is used to doing everything on her own, so I have to remind her regularly to let me handle things. Her dad will be around during the day so most of the time, she should be fine. If you are also willing to sleep over, please let me know (even if you have to leave for work early). It's helpful for her to have a friend around in case she needs something at night.

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