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Self Interview on Grief (using ChatGPT) | S1, E2

What do you do on a Thursday night after eating too much pizza (diet starts tomorrow) and bringing Mayo to the dog park? Interview yourself on your own podcast :)

Episode 2 is out, and even more messy than episode 1:

Key Takeaways from episode (AI generated):

  • The most challenging part of the first year after losing a spouse is the loneliness and the absence of a partner to share life with.

  • Perspectives on life and relationships change after loss, leading to a greater intentionality in choosing who to spend time with and being comfortable with being alone.

  • Coping mechanisms such as spending time with loved ones, being busy, going to church, and working out can help with grief, but it's important to avoid unhealthy coping mechanisms like overeating.

  • Support from friends, family, and the community plays a crucial role in the grieving process, providing comfort and companionship.

  • Approaching anniversaries, holidays, and significant dates involves being intentional, setting aside time to remember and honor the loved one who has passed away.

  • Journaling and writing privately and publicly can be a powerful way to process grief and find comfort in the memories of the loved one.

  • Advice for someone who has recently lost a partner includes not rushing back into life, taking time to take care of oneself, and being open to advice even if it may be difficult to hear.

  • The concept of time changes after loss, leading to a realization of the importance of making the most of life and cherishing the moments with loved ones.

Some feedback from Episode 1

"What are you reading— need your eyes higher" - Sibling "You set the bar high with a pretty girl for your first podcast" - Colleague "We had huge smiles - it was nice seeing you in your speaking element" - Friends from FCBC "You need to get mics for your podcast" - Former Colleague "You should have Zoey share her skincare routine haha. Also another takeaway is your new job = florist" - Former Colleague "What’s your next podcast. You should set a deadline" - Same Former Colleague

I really just want to work on my communication skills. In theory, I should get better over time, especially if I watch myself (very painful, reminds me of taking ice bath).

Anyways, it is bedtime. Thanks for reading and watching! Be sure to subscribe to my youtube channel (so we can catch up to Minimalist Creators). My channel is a great place for content to help you fall asleep (worked with Teri).

Thank you!


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1 Comment

Erwin, this was so beautiful. Thank you for sharing. I loved this podcast. You were so humble, so real, so honest. This was so heartfelt and Teri would be so proud of you opening your heart this way. This was so cool to hear your voice and see your face as you summarized all your blogs about life this past year. You are so good at keeping yourself on track with humor and caring for others as you speak. You did a fabulous job and I will treasure this podcast. It gives us the gift and honor of seeing your perspective on life and helps inspire and encourage us to make the most of our lives, living for the Lord.…

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