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Surgery Success!

Hi everyone,

Greetings from Northside Hospital, room 372. Just got here at around 9pm, it’s been a long day of waiting.

Praise God that all went very well today with the surgery. Doctor was very happy with how it all went, and is optimistic overall because the lymph nodes were not enlarged, meaning that the cancer most likely didn’t spread to other areas. We will know more in about 10 days, so please keep her in your prayers. She is still scheduled to go home tomorrow assuming her recovery went well. She’s in minor discomfort at the time of me posting this, pain level is like 3-4 out of 10. Overall she’s smiling and in good spirits.

Many of you have asked about visiting here, that shouldn’t be a problem. Just txt me at 714 422-6737 to confirm in case we go home early or she’s sleeping. You can also visit us at the house, hopefully we are home tomorrow night.

A little about me for those reading that I haven’t gotten to meet yet. I’m from SoCal and am very thankful to meet Teri and that she said yes to meeting me back in March. I’m so blessed to be with her and support her through this time. She’s been a huge encouragement to me in so many ways, and I can see how even this trial has helped us grow closer to God as we rely on him more than ever. I hope to meet all of you someday as Teri has said so many great things about her friends. I’ll be here in Atlanta till next Wednesday so please stop by if you’re available!



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