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Weekend Update - Chemo, ER visit

Finding a way to keep her upright without moving the couch against a wall
Israel Trip - Jerusalem

It’s been quite the week. Thankful it’s the weekend and the nice weather!

Thank you for so many that have checked in with us. Every message is a reminder to me that we should post here more? Thanks to many of you, our fridge is full of healthy meals and Mayo has gotten more walks this week than ever before. If only I could delegate my Half Ironman training that I’m very behind in… Let’s start with some Facts:

  • Family Planning Update: For those that remembered what we wrote in our Christmas card on pursuing surrogacy, we decided to postpone this indefinitely. It’s likely we will donate her frozen eggs at some point (message me if you have a need). We feel at peace with this decision and are thankful we have clarity in this area of starting a family.

  • Chemo round 1 was completed on Wednesday. She was doing okay, although the nausea that did make her throw up once. Her energy level has been pretty low. Thankful that we can walk Mayo around the block so she can get some fresh air.

  • On Friday, the nausea got better but she had trouble breathing, more than normal. We called her care team at Hoag who recommended us to go to the ER.

  • They ended up draining about 950ml of fluid out of her left lung and admitted overnight to monitor (SpO2 was ~90). She feels a lot better, we hope to go home sometime today.

  • Last night I didn’t get good sleep on the hospital chair. I went home around 5:30AM to feed Mayo and took a nap, to then find Teri calling me to wake me up, wondering when I’m coming back. I was knocked out! Just like she was when I got back to the hospital 😊

  • Since Teri started having pain, she’s had go sleep in some upright position. The photo here was one way we found to help her rest on the couch (actually it didn’t work, but thought it was funny).

  • Teri and a few others seemed to really appreciate my last post about my feelings (she said it made her cry), so let’s talk about that next?

Todays Soul Words: Exhausted -> Humbled, Overwhelmed, Hopeful, Thankful

  • Exhausted -> Humbled: One night in the hospital and I had to go home and get better rest in my own bed. I was humbled to know that she’s been trying to sleep in some upright position every day, and does this without complaining. For the few friends and family that had an opportunity to take care of me while I’m sick, let’s just say that Teri humbles me every day with her attitude despite her circumstances. I promise to do better when it’s my turn to need help. She’s been quite the fighter in every way with her positive attitude and there’s no doubt she will keep fighting until she’s better.

  • Overwhelmed: I’m rested up and now back in “solution mode” and want to find out now about how this recent hospitalization will affect her treatment plan. Most likely we will stay the course but I’m already wanting to figure this out myself, right now. Why wait? If things may change, what are the options? What can we do this weekend? What about my upcoming work week and my half Ironman in 2 weeks? What do I need to delegate or not do? It all adds up and can make me feel overwhelmed and could use some help.

    • Update: The oncologist came by just now and said things should stay the same, stick to the plan with finishing the 2 rounds of chemo left, then evaluate. Humbled again.

  • Hopeful: The facts on her chart and this recent hospital incident are a reminder that we have a tough road ahead of us. But when I stop and think of how good God has been to us since we met, I really am hopeful that we will figure out these next steps soon and will stay United throughout this process. We literally have a Trello board titled “Terwin UNITED” so we stay aligned and focused on what’s important to do for our marriage and this treatment, which brings me feelings of hope. To us, staying united is more important than getting her healthy again.

  • Thankful: I’m really thankful for the time God has given me to have Teri. Each day is a privilege to be her husband. She’s not only overwhelmed me with cuteness and fun, she’s helped me grow in ways beyond I could have imagined. As she’s peacefully resting here next to me (SpO2 now 98) it brings me tears of joy thinking of our journey. From our first date in Atlanta in March 2017, saying “yes” to marry me 7 months later, beating cancer the first time, getting married in Sept 2019 right before Covid, and then traveling to Israel right after starting Chemo and having a great time, what more can I ask for? Perhaps I should be sad and worried, but not today.

Update: We are being discharged, time to get ready to go home. Thank you again for all your love, prayers and support, along with reading this far. God is with us and holding us so closely during this difficult time and He is with you as well with whatever you’re going through.

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